Another day in Minnesota, another interstate blocked for hours by protesters. Yesterday it was I-35W in Minneapolis during morning rush hour. Saturday night it was I-94 in St. Paul. In both instances traffic was blocked for hours before law enforcement finally cleared them out. Why so long? What's up with that?

Police eventually arrested 41 people yesterday morning in Minneapolis -- but it was more than two hours after they blocked traffic during the peak of morning rush hour. After several hours of blocking both directions of I-94, 48 protesters were eventually arrested in St. Paul Sunday morning. (And you complain about a flag-waving Superman on the corner of Division Street.) :)


While I support the right to assemble, demonstrate, and protest on public property -- highways should come with a 'zero tolerance' policy. I am sick and tired of this crap. Block the highway, get hauled away immediately. I'm sure it's not quite that simple for law enforcement -- but hours of blocked traffic before they move in? I don't get it.

If I am stuck in traffic for HOURS, with no way to get out of the snarled mess -- that's not demonstrating, that's kidnapping. You are holding me hostage against my will. If you think that these actions will garner my support for your cause -- you thought wrong (and I don't even care what your cause is), stay off the highways.

That's just my opinion. Maybe I'm in the minority on this. Let us know if you support the kidnappers protesters on Minnesota interstate highways; or not.

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