Happy October! As we inch closer and closer to Halloween I like to check out local community pages to see what kind of events are coming up. I joined a group recently called Haunted Minnesota and I came across a post that talked about an upcoming cemetery investigation that was happening tonight (Friday, Oct 13) in Isanti.

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I reached out to the person behind that post to learn more about what was going to happen, and any other upcoming events for anyone interested in possibly joining. The person on the other side of the screen, Kara Troiber, was a huge help, and I learned that she was part of a larger paranormal/ghost-hunting group (Global Ghost Hunt) that has members here in Minnesota on top of having a smaller team that encompasses family members (Caught in the Veil Paranormal)

I asked Kara about what it is that she is doing tonight in Isanti and what awaits the group later this month.

Image Credit: Kara Troiber (CITV - Paranormal)
Image Credit: Kara Troiber (CITV - Paranormal)

As far as tonight's event Kara posted that her group is "planning on meeting at caribou in Cambridge around 615pm Friday the 13th. After a short meet and greet we will be heading to a very small and very old graveyard in Isanti MN. Anyone that wants to come along just for the experience or if you are inquiring to join a team, all are welcome. The mini investigation will likely only be 1-2 hours as it is not a normally scheduled hunt."

Kara went on to add "Everyone must have their own transportation. Feel free to bring along any equipment you have that you wish to try out. Provided it is not loud or disruptive to others."

In terms of what is allowed for tonight's investigation here is what Kara posted about:

PHONE APPS: We will allow but must have a head set on so it's not interrupting others.

NO VIDEO OR PHOTOS OF OTHERS. We do not have time to get everyone to sign consent forms for this so try to be respectful. Remember also this is a public place as well so if you end up in someone picture or video, you can't get too upset.

NOT ALLOWED: Ouija boards, or seance.

NO GOING OFF ALONE. This is a rule for our group members but for this day we ask you don't go off alone with anyone you don't know well. It is safer to stay with at least two others. Honestly, the location is so tiny and inside a fence, nobody will be out of sight of the rest.

NO CHILDREN. We appreciate that many families include their children and many children are sensitive. BUT it is a constant worry and distraction having them with. Our team rule is no children under 15. Over 15 must have a waiver signed and a parent or guardian with them at all times. I am not sure about other teams but I do know many do not allow young children either. Again this is not an "event" and we are not hosting it.

Most importantly Kara added that anyone coming "must agree to remain respectful to all. Remember that spirits are "human" too so to speak and deserve basic respect. That said we do not allow provoking. If that is something you feel you need to do, than our group is not a good fit for you."

If you come to the investigation, know that it is by your free will to be there. This is not an event or being "hosted" by anyone."

CITV-P (Caught in The Veil Paranormal): 

We are a husband-and-wife team, as well as my mother and daughter. Three generations of ghost hunters you could say. We have a passion for helping others and years of experience behind us. Historical preservation is a huge priority for us. By going to places that allow us to investigate, we are helping fund the preservation of those buildings. Our dream would be to someday own and operate our own. 

To contact our team for help with a haunting or to inquire about a spot on the team, please feel free to email us at citvparanormal@gmail.com 

Global Ghost Hunt info:

I am also part of the administration team for the Global Ghost Hunt ( globalghosthunt.com ) They host two ten-day events per year for teams and locations all around the world to investigate on live stream. My team will be investigating the Boyd House in Boyd Minnesota for this October's Global Ghost Hunt event. We will be going live at 9 pm central the night of October 22nd. To watch ours and many others go to globalghosthunt.com and check out the line-up! 

Streaming on multiple platforms: Global Ghost Hunt Facebook page, Parapost Network Central Page, Parapost International, Youtube Global Ghost Hunt page, Huntaphobia Public Page, Twitter x GGH, Paralanx Plus and Paralanx 1. 

For those unfamiliar with the Boyd House, which is located in Boyd which is over in West Central Minnesota, the website BoydHouse217.com says the home has been reported to include:

audible voices and EVP's, shadows and apparition's, doors and cabinets opening, footsteps being heard, touching, objects being moved and paranormal equipment interaction.

The house is available for rent, but after watching this video, I'm not sure I'd want to as it seems too spooky for me.

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