A house party in January of 2023 has now turned up 3 guns that were hidden in one Isanti home according to Isanti Police. Isanti police featured the interesting tale in their 'What Not To Do Wednesday' feature on social media.

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***This one is kind of long, so bear with me***

WHEN: January 15, 2023, at approximately 12:48 AM

: Suspicion Call

Call came into Isanti County Dispatch indicating that 9 men arrived to the residence in a red Hell Cat Challenger wearing black jackets and ski masks.

Prior to law enforcement arrival, the vehicle had left the scene.

Upon arrival to the area, Officer Welfring was flagged down by two females – the reporting party and the homeowner.

The females indicated that one of the men, a black male, was wearing a white t shirt and beanie, and had displayed a firearm with a purple handle grip while inside the residence.

Law enforcement began a sweep of the house.

One was detained in the garage matching the physical description given earlier by the females, but eventually released as no firearms were located.

All parties were told to leave the residence.

Officer Welfring observed a vehicle that was at the party was continuing to drive past the home.

At approximately 2:48AM, an additional call came into dispatch, indicating that someone was banging on the door and made entry into the home. The homeowner locked herself in the bathroom.

The passengers indicated one of them lost their house key and had returned to retrieve her key.

They were all told to leave the area and not return.

WHEN: January 17, 2023, at approximately 4:43 PM

: All Other Call

The same homeowner from the above incident called to request an escort home as she believed people were looking for her after the incident at the party.

The female indicated she had been contacted on Snapchat multiple times by an individual, a male, who was at the party who left something there and was desperate to get it back.

It was requested that law enforcement do a quick look through of the residence to see if they could locate the firearm from the above incident. Note: This was NOT a search warrant.

Upon searching the residence, Officer Heiller found a firearm in the drop-down tile ceiling. The firearm had a purple handle grip, consistent with what was reported a few days earlier.

The firearm was taken into evidence at the Police Department.

WHEN: March 12, 2023, at approximately 12:28AM

: Lost and Found

Officer Welfring was dispatched to the same address for a lost and found call. Any guesses on what he found?

The homeowner stated that her friends were watching TV in her parents’ bedroom and lifted the head of the bed.

They happened to look back and located a second firearm, a handgun, on the floor behind the bed.

The magazine was fully seated, and a round was chambered.

The firearm was taken into evidence at the Police Department.

WHEN: December 26, 2023, at approximately 6:59 PM

: Lost and Found

Officer Welfring was called back to the same residence, after an additional firearm was located.

In the process of moving, the homeowner located a sawed-off shotgun that was hidden under a bunch of items in the rear corner of a closet in an upstairs bedroom.

The firearm was loaded and had a round chambered but was made safe by the homeowner.

The firearm was taken into evidence at the Police Department.

From one unauthorized house party while her parents were out of town, law enforcement seized three different loaded firearms. As light-hearted as some of our posts can be, this one is not.

Please educate your children on the importance of being safe, and only allowing people into your residence that they know and trust. This situation could have ended very badly if the homeowner and her friend had not involved law enforcement when they did.

Special shout out to the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office, Cambridge Police Department and Braham Police Department for their assistance on the initial call. It not only takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a village to ensure that all law enforcement officers stay safe, especially during calls that involve firearms.

Remember to be kind, play nice and keep your hands to yourselves.

This makes me wonder what these people were going to use those guns for that they had hidden them throughout the house...

This story is just another good reason for parents to know who their kids are hanging out with right there.

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