Someone in Baldwin Township is throwing beer bottles in people's garbage cans after their trash is picked up.  After a quick look at the Princeton Bulletin Board this morning, I read about several residents that have had the same problem. So..the question is....WHO is the Beer Bottle Bandit? And WHY are they throwing empty Heineken bottles in everyone's garbage cans?


For some residents, it seems to have been going on over a year...for others...it's an occurrence that happens once a week.


It doesn't seem that too many of the residents are angry about the happening; it just happens to be a mystery. Is it the same individual? Is it a business? Some of the comments are pretty humorous. See below:


~Hang a target above the recycle with lid open. It’s like floating down the Apple River.

~Better in your trash then in your front yard.

~All I know is that I am now going to buy stock in Heineken!!

~My neighbor put 2 rolls of carpet in mine on Friday, he waited until after I left for work...but I had the day off.

~ Least they could do is leave you a full one!!! Sheesh.

~We have the same thing happening in our can. So weird!

~I used to get those in my garbage too!

~ This exact situation used to happen to me at my old house in Baldwin!!!

~You can come pick the trash out of my yard that everyone throws in it. lol. I’d put a dumpster on the road if it would help.

~ I live in Baldwin township also and have had the same thing happen. I am putting up cameras to catch the criminal!


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