It feels good to be back! Last week I took some vacation and went with my boyfriend's family to Phoenix, Arizona for a little bit of sunshine before Christmas. It was a great time, we went golfing, hung out by the pool, hiked A LOT, and I even got to try rattlesnake!

It was probably the most active vacation I have ever been on. We walked/hiked over 37 miles last week exploring Sedona as well as Phoenix. My boyfriend and his dad even went to the Timberwolves vs. Suns game, while the rest of the group stayed back at the hotel and had an encounter with some wild Javelinas (wild desert animals that look like pigs but are more like pig shaped raccoons that cause destruction and sometimes chase humans).

It was a great trip, but it feels really good to be back at the station. It just didn't feel like Christmas surrounded by warm sunshine and cactus plants.

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