It's just part of the everyday risks you take by going to a job...catching a bug from a co-worker. It seems so unfair and makes you wonder what you did to deserve this??

Sadly most of the time this attacking co-worker doesn't realize they are viral and can get people sick, until it's too late. You can't expect people to take off work for every possible illness they get, just to keep others from getting sick. It happens to all of us and you just have to sit there and take it.

I won't mention the name of the other air personality in the building that ended up with walking pneumonia following the flu, and gave it to me. What I will say is that I'm glad he's a great guy and a good friend, or I'd have him on my radar!


There's no way I'd have thought 'walking pneumonia' was real at all. Getting pneumonia would be scary enough in itself, and apparently getting the 'walking' version is what leads up to that. When he said he had it, I immediately compared symptoms I had with his, and he said I need to get it to the doctor right away and get the meds...cause I had everything going on that he has since it started.

I walked in to the station this morning, arms loaded with an arsenal of medications, and ready to kill this walking dreadfulness. Don't ask me how to pronounce most of the names of them. What do you think I'm an English major or something?

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