Last weekend I took my 4 year-old nephew to the Omni Theater at the Science Museum in St. Paul to see the dinosaur movie. At one point in the movie, one dino kills another; leaving it in a pool of blood. The little girl next to us was crying, when her Dad said, "Don't worry, it's just taking a nap." Then my nephew blurts out...

"Oh no, it's dead. And that's a T-Rex, and he eats other dinosaurs." Which prompted the little girl to start crying again. And, yes, I apologized to the dad. (Hey, so my nephew's smarter than your daughter.)

What have your kids said -- that you had to apologize for?

CINDY:  Cindy & her 4 year-old nephew Curt walk into the Tasty Freeze to find 'Dave,' a well-known, one-armed man in town sitting at a table. Of course, in his high-pitched blurts out as loud as he can, "Hey Cindy! Look, that man only has one arm!!!"

PETE:  In a situation similar to Cindy's, I was at a store with my young daughter when we crossed paths with a one-legged man with his spare pants leg tucked up in his pocket. Leave it to Carey to give us a loud,"Why does that man have his leg in his pocket?"

KATHY:  At a wedding, Kathy's 5 year-old daughter was the flower girl sitting at the head table. When the mic was being passed around, and someone asked if anyone else has something the'd like to say. Kathy's young daughter took the mike and proceed to tell everyone about a time when the bride was babysitting and got, "totally pissed,"

PEGGY:  When I was a small child, I once told my grandma, "Grandma someday when I grow up, I want to big and fat just like you!"

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