If you decide to post something threatening on social media, be aware that it could be your last. Local police are investigating all threatening posts, and the bite will sting.

Here's what a teen decided to do in Elk River yesterday, according to the Elk River police:

The stupidity of what this kid said in the photo of him with a gun is just plain ignorant. Fortunately you don't see this every day, but understand how easy it is for somebody to see this outside your immediate "friends" group.

You post something online. A friend likes it. That friend's immediate friends see the post, and that they liked what you posted. Police get called, find the post, or it's shared to them, and instantly you are wearing new jewelry on your wrists.

If you have kids, take a moment to help them understand that anybody will be able to see what you post, even police, so keep clean whatever you are posting. This is unless you'd like to see them in juvenile detention.