Our favorite fair foods tend to reveal a little bit about who we are as people. Keep these things in mind next time you go to grab your favorite fair treat!

Cheese curds--You're a traditionalist. You have a certain way you like things to be and you don't like to stray away from that very often. You're very calculated in your risk taking and you know what you like. You're probably good at making budgets and sticking to them.

Mini doughnuts/Funnel cake--You enjoy the sweeter things in life. You are usually the life of the party in your friends circle and you're a pretty cool person to take with to the fair. You like to eat your dessert before dinner and savor life's little moments.

Cookies--You love sharing with your friends and you're definitely a people pleaser. Nothing says 'let's be friends' more than sharing a bucket of cookies! You'll stand in line all day long to get your hands on some too. That's why your friends and family LOVE you so much!

Caramel apples--You love the fair because it reminds you that you're one step closer to fall, that's the season you really shine! You don't like to follow the norm and you stand out in a crowd! You're a tough Minnesotan and probably really enjoy Halloween, bonfires, sweatshirts, pumpkin spice and candy!

The bizarre foods (deep fried pickles, Krispy Kreme burgers, deep fried candy bars, etc)--You're a wild one. You love adventure and you're always looking for a thrill. You've tried so many foods that you're kind of like the fair expert. People often ask you what the best foods are to try at the fair!

Corn on the cob--You're a simple living small town kid! You love living in Minnesota and you really enjoy the little things in life. You're a hard worker, very trustworthy and probably in shape. People are kind of jealous of your dark tan and summer bod.

Corn dogs/pizza/burgers/fries, etc--You're easy to please! People love your laid back and chill personality. You're also a pretty cheap date! You've got a lot of friends and like to have a good time. You're not a picky person by any means and usually just go with the flow! When you're in a relationship your biggest fight is usually over where to eat for dinner, because you're too chill to make a decision.

Food on a stick--You're kind of a conformist. You probably don't care what's on the stick, you just love it because it's on a stick. You probably have lots of Instagram followers and will capture some seriously awesome food pictures at the fair.

Ice cream--You don't like to share! You're probably an only child and you've got a short attention span. You want to eat something fast that you can put your mark all over. You're still kind of a kid at heart. You're also a little messy and that's OK with you.

Exotic/ethnic food--You're well rounded and crave the finer flavors in life! You love a hearty meal that will make you sweat a little bit! You're not interested in deep fried food that you can get just anywhere. You've probably downloaded the Minnesota State Fair food app and already have your plan of attack mapped out.

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