I am well aware that I am a few years late to this party.  It has been available seasonally for a few years.  But, now this is the last year that Busch Light Apple will be available.  This is according to a you tube video along with an Instagram post.  It says that Busch Light Apple is back for the "last year ever".  WHY?  It's a great summer drink!

I actually tried this apple version of Busch Light just this year.  As I said, I know that I'm late to this party, but it's very refreshing and the apple taste isn't overpowering like some of the other apple beers.  So it's a little disappointing to hear that this is the last year for this lovely drink.

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When I am trying to find out what the reason is for this deliciousness ending.  There is no reason given...that I can find.  In fact, just recently they did add a few more states that will be carrying the apple version of Busch Light. Then they are ending it?

So, if someone finds the reason why it's going away, would love to hear it.

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