Since the pandemic, and now that travel is picking up again, we have all been hearing about so many flight issues.  Cancellations last minute, flight changes, delays and general inconveniences.  There have been many airlines coming under fire for being offenders of this, and Minnesota based airline Sun Country is one of those airlines.

If you have flown Sun Country, you know that you can usually get a less expensive flight to where you are going instead of going with a major airline such as Delta. But as of late, there have been so many issues.  I recently flew Sun Country when we went to Las Vegas.  I was so concerned that our flight would be delayed or cancelled, but everything went off without a hitch.  But many travelers aren't that lucky. And this can be really inconvenient if you have a connecting flight somewhere on your way to your final destination.

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So, to try and alleviate this problem, Sun Country is hiring.  Lots of positions are open in just about every area of the airline and travel process.  This does include pilots, flight attendants, ticketing, baggage handlers, and even some work at home positions.

There are some perks to working for an airline.  One of the biggest ones is a less expensive flight to wherever you want to go.  If you love to travel, this might be just the way to go to get some cheaper flights.  If you are a flight attendant or pilot, sometimes just being at home can be a vacation, but that varies from person to person.  Another perk is getting a layover is a great spot.  But you could also get a layover in a not so great spot with nothing to do.  Might still be worth it.  And it looks like they are willing to pay fairly well too.  Score!

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