As I was letting my dog out into the back yard late Wednesday afternoon, I looked across 9th Ave. into the empty St. Cloud Technical College parking lot; and noticed some birds fighting over parking lot road kill.

That part didn't bother me TOO much; until I noticed that the animal they were attacking was STILL alive! I can't take it. What do I do?  I can't tell if the animal is a small dog; it might be a cat? Maybe it's a beaver, or a rat; but regardless; I have to at least keep the birds away until it has passed on...right? It was horrible. It was fighting back. At one point I saw the dominant crow try to carry the animal up into the sky!


That was it. I had to do something. What? I didn't have a plan, I was just praying that this wasn't some sweet kitty cat or dog that had met it's end under someone's tires and been injured and suffering.

As I crossed 9th Ave. and got closer, I still couldn't tell what was happening. However, I realized that the birds were leaving the animal alone. At least my presence was doing some good.

Once I got within 10 feet I realized what kind of animal was laying there suffering. It was a McDonald's bag. Seriously. I was so relieved...but felt a little stupid. Dumb bag.

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