While at We Fest, the one complaint I heard about Carrie Underwood's performance was that people were expecting her to come out and dazzle with a sparkly sexy outfit, and show the We Festers her beautiful sexy legs.

That didn't happen. I remember thinking to myself...She's wearing really baggy pants...cute outfit. She probably has something sexy on underneath all that, and the lights will go down low and then she'll come out on the last part of the show in her beautiful stunning glory.


Of course! How did we not put two and two together. She still looked absolutely amazing. Her performance was flawless. Her smile was unbelievably bright, and yes...she was glowing.

She and her husband announced this morning that they are expecting, and that they couldn't be more excited. It also sounds like she is planning another tour. Congratulations to Carrie, Mike and Isaiah on their new bundle of joy.

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