I have good news and bad news about this delivery. The good news first? Okay. The good news: I paid $10 extra to make sure my package arrived by Thursday; it actually arrived a day early. That's a good thing.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

The bad news?  This is how it was delivered. What the hell happened to my package? I called the company I ordered my $200  microphone from and asked if I should even open the package or just send it back?  My Rep told me to go ahead and open it...as he knew I was needing this microphone for a gig I have this weekend. He didn't think that the inside package would have any damage to it, and either way, I wouldn't have to pay for it if something was wrong. So I opened the package.

Photo by Kelly Cordes

Needless to say, the inside package WAS damaged.  However; the microphone that was inside THAT package, was wrapped thoroughly with bubble wrap, and so far, doesn't appear to have any damage. I haven't tested it out yet, but still the question remains. What has this poor package been through?  It looks like it was run over, thrown against the wall and repackaged.

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Have you ever had this happen? What happened to your package? Was the content damaged? Who was responsible for the crushing? And why was I not informed of what happened?  I wonder if the delivery person felt awkward leaving the package for me? I may never know.

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