The bluebird has got to be one of Minnesota's favorite songbirds, and although I don't see them much where I live, I do see them when I visit my parents' farm in Princeton. Right now, just the thought of seeing pretty little bluebirds at the feeders on my parents' deck, would be a treat.

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That's why I was mesmerized by this video when I saw it online. Maybe it's just the thought of spring being just out of reach, but I just couldn't stop watching these busy little bluebirds working hard building their home.

According to the Minnesota DNR, bluebirds nest from late March to early August. They build an adorable little cup-shaped nest and lay the most beautiful light blue colored eggs. Bluebirds usually lay two rounds of eggs per nesting season. Who knew?!

You can watch the whole process of bluebirds building a nest from beginning to end below.

Did you know that bluebirds are a symbol of happiness? If you are wanting to attract them to your bird feeders this spring, they really like mealworms.  Also, if you see a bluebird it is known as a sign that spring is about to begin.

Some bluebirds actually return in the month of February, so we just might see them soon! If you aren't sure what a bluebird looks like, the males are more colorful than the females but they have a blue back, a rusty-colored chest area, and a cute little white belly.

I hope that watching this video brings you joy.


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