Most of you know that I'm a Musician; and when you're a working musician you usually play solo gigs, trio's, duo's and in a variety of bands.

I'm really excited about a fun group of guys that I'll be playing with this summer. We had our first rehearsal this past Sunday and it was amazing!


Now...the only question that remains...we need to think of a name...a catchy name; a name that invokes action, fun and excitement.

So here are the only details I have for you. We are a four piece band.  Keys, drums, bass and guitar. All 4 vocalists. We are going to cover everything from todays country, to yesterdays hits. A wide variety of upbeat fun music from rock to country that will make you want to dance and sing along. The members range in age from 50's down to late twenties. We all play a wide variety of music; from Chris Stapleton to Tears For Fears, to Meatloaf, to Dream Theatre.

All of the people in this band are so good!  Easy going, laid back talented guys and me.


The question is: What should our name be?

If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them!  Send your ideas to

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