I took an impromptu trip to Crossroads Center this weekend with my brother and sister to check out new fall arrivals.

I was hoping to find a cute new cardigan or perhaps a shacket or two. They're all the rage right now. Really, they really are! Look them up and be prepared to fall in love.

I don't understand a lot of the new fashion that's happening right now--I do try to keep an open mind. But, I didn't expect to find what I saw at my favorite clothing store. Halloween is this month, and maybe I just found Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility.

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I'm really not sure how to even describe the shirt...if you can even call it that? It was a pair of sleeves with a turtle neck. Seriously! The whole bottom of the shirt was missing--totally MIA.

I know I'm getting older...I'm in my 30s now, but really? Do teens wear this? I seriously doubt it! How do you even wear something like this--like, what do you pair it with?

I put this on my personal Facebook page and a few people suggested it could be an inspiration from the old school fashion 'Dickey shirt collars' from back in the day.

I had to Google what a Dickey shirt was and, while it's similar, it still isn't this.

You'd think this shirt would have been 1/3 of the price for 1/3 of a shirt...but no. It was full price. FULL PRICE, PEOPLE.

Listen, if you're wearing something like this with a coreset because you're cold...just buy the full size shirt and wear the corset when it's warmer out.

Someone call the cops...they're robbing people up in here (only joking). But, really...would you wear this shirt?


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