We're not sure it gets any more Minnesotan than this!

A TikTok video of a pair of Minnesota men bantering hilariously as one makes a spiked maple syrup beverage has gone viral with over 1.1 million views.

"(Effing) cooking maple syrup up here in (effing) Sherwood huh," the one behind the camera begins.

"Yah, yah, here we go. I'm gonna make you a drink, ok?" the one in front of the camera asks rhetorically (as Minnesotans do, ya know?), "You like maple syrup? Alright, here we go!" He then dips a pot into a vat of boiling maple syrup in front of him and pauses to say "Best drink you ever had," before pouring the hot liquid it into a plastic cup.

"Ooh, yum, hot!" comments the guy behind the camera.

"Ope, just wait, I ain't done yet! I ain't done yet," says the second as he sets the cup down to get something. "I'm gonna set that right here, cause we're gonna spice it up a little bit." He then picks up a bottle of whisky.

"Splaaaaash," comments the one holding the camera as his buddy pours in a bit from the bottle.

"Oh, that was just a shot."

"You betcha. Til next time."

Watch a shortened version of the original TikTok video posted to Twitter below.

Bemused Minnesotans on Twitter have had a field day in the comments:

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