The Minnesota State Fair looks like it'll actually be happening this summer! I'm here for it. I love the state fair and was pretty sad to see it get the boot last year due to the pandemic.

There's a new candle that was created by the shop Minnesota Smells called 'The State Fair.'

I'm so intrigued by this. What possible scent could they have chosen to represent the entire state fair?

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Just think about how many smells are at the fair. The first thing that comes to mind is the deep fried smell of cheese curds. Then, I realize, it could be scented like mini donuts and sugar! That would be delicious.

But, then my brain took a weird turn when I realized that farm animals are at the fair, too. Anyone whose been there knows the animals are pretty fragrant. Yes. Perhaps it smells like the live animal birthing area? Ew. Or, maybe it smells like the cows and chickens? I sure hope not.

My mind took an even weirder turn when I realized it could just smell like people sweat, or the steamy public restrooms in the August heat. Gross, right?

There are so many things it could be...and it's just one candle.

Good thing there's a scent description to help us out. Apparently, the candle smells like kettle corn, funnel cake AND cotton candy.

They definitely took the fun and safe route here instead of the funny one. According to the store site, the candle was poured in Minnesota. It's running for $22. Check it out here.


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