For anyone who has traveled along Division Street in St. Cloud, the first thing they might say to themselves as they are driving is just how many controlled intersections there are along one of the main arteries. It's been a point of frustration for drivers as depending on the time of day, and who is with you on the road, it might take you 10 minutes to get across town, or 25 minutes. This morning I decided to ask ChatGTP's AI if Division Street in St. Cloud had too many stoplights, and its answer didn't surprise us, as it said YES.

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This is the question that I asked AI: Does St. Cloud Minnesota have too many stoplights on Division Street?

It didn't take long to give me an answer.

Yes, St. Cloud, Minnesota does have quite a few stoplights on Division Street. It is a major road in the city, and the stoplights help regulate traffic flow and ensure safety for pedestrians and drivers.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

As you read, and can see AI did stipulate in its answer that the stoplights along Division Street 'regulate traffic flow and ensure safety for pedestrians and drivers' so it gets why stoplights are put up.

I know it's a popular topic that everyone has an opinion on, and anyone visiting here for the first time often asks about all the lights, most of the time people ask me about them I just shrug.

All those stoplights are part of where we live or work, and we just have to make do with them, until we find a faster way to get around.

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