My boys and I took our annual Christmas Mall of America trip Saturday. We shop; we eat; we "Fly Over America," and we shop some more.

We typically eat a big supper after a full day of shopping; but this year, the line was too long and the boys didn't want to wait. So; we were all starving at about 8 pm. As I'm driving home, my oldest son says, "Well Mom...I bought you your Christmas gift, but I have to give it to you right now; or it might go bad before Christmas."

That's pressure.


So as I'm driving, he pulls out this amazing box of chocolates...I was driving so I never really even got to see WHERE it was from; but my son proceeded to tell me that he spent $60 on this box of chocolates..because HIS Mother gets "Only The Best."  He opened the box, and flashed at me the delicious variety of chocolates inside. We all dove in.

Getty Images/iStockphoto


We proceeded down HWY 94 towards home; each of us indulging in bite after bite of these delicious chocolates.  They all started with a really chocolate flavor; and it would take a few minutes before you discovered the underlying flavor, whether it be a Chocolate Espresso, Vanilla, Raspberry or all of our favorite of the night; Lemon! These were amazing chocolates. Perhaps the most amazing chocolates I've ever had. I think we all agreed; there really IS a difference!

I honestly wanted to eat more; but I couldn't. I think I maxed out on 3 - 4 pieces.  Between the 4 of us, we finished off the whole box in a matter of 20 minutes.