I'm not a big football fan, but my fiance gets religious about his Vikings. In our family, you can't plan on doing anything on Sundays during a Vikings game. That usually means we have to take care of all of our business on Saturdays.

Trust me, for non-football fans it gets really annoying--but, I'm supportive. As it turns out, the Vikings are on their bye week. So, that means that my fiance and I will be heading to the pumpkin patch this Sunday...I'm hoping for good weather.

I can't buy my pumpkins from the store because it just doesn't feel the same as picking them yourself from the patch! I'm not sure why, but scouting out my own fall decor warms my heart and makes me feel good. There's nothing better than finding that perfect pumpkin.

I'm sure pumpkin patches across the state are going to be full of Vikings fans looking for things to do this weekend.

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