My younger sister is heading off to college this weekend. All week we've been shopping and collecting things she thinks she'll need in her dorm room.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that she prepared a list of all of the things she needed to buy. I thought that her list would make our shopping experience go by so much faster and run more smoothly. It's been four years since I was in college, but I'd like to think I still know a thing or two about what you're going to need for the year.

Sadly, she didn't feel that way. My sister had what felt like hundreds of things on her shopping list, things that I deemed so unnecessary. I mean, she had cough drops, an extra pair of shower shoes in case she loses her first pair, a mini fridge...even though she has an unlimited meal plan, a pack of over 200 bandages...even though there's a campus nurse and more unnecessary items of the same sort.

I told her that she most likely wouldn't use many of the things on her shopping list, but she insisted they were necessary. I told her to save her money and buy some of these incidentals as they became necessary throughout the year. There was no getting through to her. She spent a ton of money on random things she'll probably never use or only use once.

What did you buy for college that you thought you were going to need that you never used? Maybe if she sees this, we can get through to her! ;)

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