We could potentially see 8-13 inches of snow this week in Central Minnesota. With the first big storm of the season making its way to the area, you know people will be going crazy in local grocery stores making sure they have all they need in case they get snowed in.

I used to work at a grocery store and got to watch the craziness first hand. Here are a few things people ALWAYS bought right before big storms.


1. Milk - If you want to see milk fly off the shelves, just mention that there is snow in the forecast. I don't know why running out of milk would be the biggest concern of the public, but it is.

2. Bread - We couldn't stock loaves of bread fast enough when people were waiting for a storm. Can't run out of split top wheat!

3. Eggs - If you're stuck in the house, you might as well bake something. Eggs make the most sense to me. They last a while and are easy to make into different meals.

4. Extra Ice Scraper - Because duh.

5. Non Perishables/Junk Food - Lots of canned soup, mac n' cheese boxes, ramen noodles, and potato chips. The good stuff.

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