I helped move my sister into her dorm room this weekend and it was a process! I personally never lived in the dorms when I was in college, so I learned a little bit about the process this weekend. I thought I'd share my new found wisdom with you in case you're ever in my same situation...

1. People are never ready to leave when they say they're going to be. My parents asked me to be at their house by 10 a.m. to help load up the vehicles with my sister's stuff. When I got there, no one was home and they were out doing last minute shopping. We ended up getting to campus at 2 p.m.

2. You'd be surprised how much stuff can fit inside of a van and a Jeep. It kind of felt like a clown car. The stream of stuff that flowed out of those vehicles once we reached campus seemed never ending.

3. You'd be surprised how much stuff can fit into a dorm room. I'm not sure how she did it, but she managed to get a couch in there and even set up a little living room for herself.

4. Girls severely over-pack. My sister brought every clothing item she has ever had. I'm pretty sure there were still shirts in the mix that she had in middle school. I told her it was about time to go through it all and make some Good Will donations.

5. Making the bed of a top bunk is extremely difficult. Since I'm pregnant, I got to do the "easy" jobs that didn't involve much lifting. So, I was tasked with making her bed...the top bunk. It's not as easy as it sounds.

6. It's smart to bring tools with you. Many of the accessories she bought for her room required some assembly and TOOLS. However, tools were the one thing she forgot to pick up on her numerous shopping adventures. Make sure to pack a few tools.

7. Make sure to bring designated door holders. It was nice that my youngest sister Taylor tagged along this weekend. She was the designated door holder since every single time the door shut, it automatically locked. Getting locked out is no fun.

8. Pack snacks AND plenty of water. We were so focused on packing up my sisters things that we forgot our very basic human need...snacks and water. As a pregnant lady, I can tell you it's not fun to be hot, sweaty AND hungry.

9. Bring your own cleaning supplies. I know that the dorms are allegedly completely cleaned out at the end of the semester, but they've still been sitting empty all summer. Cleaning wipes are your best friend in that situation.

10. Your mini fridge needs time to cool down. My sister didn't realize that the fridge wasn't automatically cold the minute you plugged it in. She thought she was going to bring my mom's hotdish to the dorm with her and the fridge would be ready for it the minute it was plugged in. Nope...

It was a long weekend, but she's all moved in! Next time she needs help moving I'll suggest she call my brother. ;)


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