I have always been fascinated with The Hubble Telescope. Just think how far this Telescope has traveled through our universe, bringing us amazing pictures all these years, and after it's last update, Hubble now will be replaced once it stops sending us images and drifts off into the unknown. I believe NASA is already working on Hubble's replacement; it may have possibly already been launched. That...I'm not sure about.

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The Hubble Telescope was launched into space on April 24th of 1990. I remember thinking how exciting this was back when I was in my mid 20's. Nasa is now celebrating its 30th birthday with a new launch! The launch of the website that can show you what was photographed by the Hubble Telescope on your birthday!


Click HERE now to go to the site and find out what Hubble saw on your birthday.

My photo was from the year 2002, where Hubble captured a panoramic full color view that shows 12 billion years of cosmic history.  It shows big galaxies in the forefront, and oddly shaped galaxies further back, that represent older history of the universe.

My picture is called GOODS/ERS2 Field, which stands for Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey, which was a deep sky study by a collaboration of many different observatories to trace the formation and evolution of galaxies. Wow! How much we have been able to learn about our universe, by having the Hubble Telescope.


Just in case you were wondering, The Hubble Telescope was named after Edwin Hubble, who proved the existence of other galaxies beyond our own "Milky Way" and has taught us that the universe is 14 billion years old, it's expansion is speeding up, and so many other things we never knew before.




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