Over the weekend, actor Bill Murray crashed a bachelor party in South Carolina.  While he was there he gave the bachelor and his buddies some advice.

Bill's advice to the group in a nutshell was to travel around the world with their significant other and if they were still in love when they got back, they should get married right away at the airport.  Check out the full story and video here.  *Careful -- there are a few choice word in there.*

Bill makes a valid point in that bachelor parties are for the uncommitted but I think his advice is pretty sound too.  Is it going to work for every couple? No, but I think there's some truth to it.

If it were me (and I'm hardly one to give advice in this department), I would say that you should experience as much as you can together because that's how a bond will grow stronger but I think it's also important for each of you to maintain your independence because that's part of how you'll grow as a person.

What advice would you give if you crashed a bachelor or bachelorette party?