Bachelor parties are like a right of passage. There is no way I would ever expect a man to get married with out having a night out with his guys. A night like that is one men will be able to bond over for years to come because that's the way men are -- one crazy night and they will spend the rest of their lives trying to live up to it.

I enjoy going out on the town and having a good time as much as anyone else, and over the years I have found myself in a bar when a bachelor party comes in more than a few times.  I also have plenty of guy friends that have spilled the 'secret details' of that sacred man-only night.

So here is my expert advise on the best places in central Minnesota to have your next bachelor party!


Hinckley, Minnesota

Grand Casino-Hinckley

Grand Casino Hinckley is located northeast of St. Cloud off Highway 23. It may not be the closest but it isn't a far drive considering all the great things this casino has to offer.

A casino is a perfect place for a bachelor party. Everything you need is under one roof: a place to stay, a variety of food, gambling,  and of course plenty of alcohol. What else could you possibly ask for!

Well besides all of that, if you are interested in more, Grand Casino has it! They often have headline acts in both their amphitheater and convention center so if you plan ahead you can go to a concert. They also have a huge arcade if you like games but gambling isn't your thing. And there are many outdoor activities the city of Hinckley has to offer close to the casino.

This is a great place to do manly things and have a lot of fun, with out a lot of fuss. Sounds like the perfect combination, doesn't it boys?


St. Cloud

Crossfire Paintball

Crossfire Paintball is a great way to make your bachelor party memorable.  Especially if you have a group of guys that don't all know each other very well, an afternoon of a high energy game and teamwork will help everyone get to know each other quickly.

Crossfire Paintball is located right in town so you don't need to worry about traveling far. Plus they offer a bachelor party special -- the groom plays free!

Shooting paintballs at each other all afternoon before a night on the town is sure to be unforgettable man time.



Two Rivers Campground

If you want to go the camping route for your bachelor party this is the place to do it. Two Rivers Campground & Tubing is way more than just a campground.

The campground sits right on Platte River and they offer a 3 1/2 mile tubing experience. They bus you out to your starting point and you float down the river on your own tube until you reach the campground. Just don't forget to bring sunscreen!

They offer a ton of outdoor activities like a nice beach on the river,  a swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, and mini golf.  They also have a large lodge complete with arcade, big screen televisions, games, and store.

Two Rivers Campground & Tubing is so much more than camping. Don't worry, you will still get the chance to try and light your fire with two sticks and cook your dinner without a woman looking over your shoulder telling you how to do it 'properly' -- proving to all your friends how manly you are. But you will also have plenty of activities to choose from to ensure you  have a memorable weekend with the guys.



Target Field

A Twins game at Target Field promises nothing but entertainment for your bachelor party. Food, beer and baseball -- enough said. The best ways to find tickets to a Twins game is on StubHub -- check it out.

Book a couple hotel rooms in downtown Minneapolis for the night so after the game you can party like rock stars and not have to worry about getting home. There are a lot of bars to choose from in the downtown area, you will definitely find a place or two that suit your taste.


St. Cloud

Voigt's Motorcoach

Bar hopping is always a winner for bachelor parties, and renting a bus is the best way to get from one place to the next. Voigt's Motorcoach Travel offers all different sized buses at an affordable price. They are an awesome company that will do everything they can to accommodate you, they are flexible and the drivers are happy to make sure you have the best possible time.

All you have to do is book the bus and pick the bars you want to go to. It's an easy way to make sure you have a safe reliable ride for your big night.  Just don't forget to pack a cooler and maybe some snacks for the road!

Okay, guys. I have done all the hard work for you (you're welcome)  just make sure you have a good time. But if you get yourself into trouble, just remember that's no one's fault but your own!

Did I miss some great places in St. Cloud for a bachelor party?  Add them below!

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