Now here is an interesting attraction you don't see every day. How many times have you visited a laundromat in your life? Even if you've only been to a couple, it's pretty much a similar story, right?

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You walk in and see if there are any available washing machines. You check to see if the machines are clean and if they are all working before you even begin. Nowadays, you can find laundromats that are similar to sports bars, with multiple TVs, snack machines, and areas to sit and wait.

How about this for a laundromat? Located at 158 West Main Street in Spring Grove, Minnesota you will find "LJ's Ye Old Wash & Playhouse." It is definitely something I've never seen before.

Wash your clothes and look overhead and you can enjoy the view of approximately 3000 cabbage patch dolls, and other dolls of yesteryear, decorating the ceiling and walls. Thumb through old quirky pieces of American artwork, albums, comic books, and more.

Enjoy what they have labeled as 'Neat, Old Items, like dolls, fish lures, and old hardware.

As I watch the video, I can't decide how I feel about this place. It doesn't really feel like a place where I would think about washing my clothes, but I can almost smell yesterday...

I can't say the dolls don't make me feel a little claustrophobic...and where some people might say this is sort of a hoarding of memories, I see it as a hoarding of cherished memories for the man named Lucky that owns the business. You won't find a website or even be able to locate them on Facebook. They are not moving forward...they are staying put...in history.


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