St. Cloud's Taco Chon is reacting to the patent lawsuit being dropped by Taco Bell after Taco John's agreed to allow other restaurants to use the phrase Taco Tuesday. Using social media, owner Juan Ramos asked his followers the question, wondering if the people at corporate Taco Johns would use that 'love' to drop their lawsuit against his restaurants.

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According to online news reports from 2022, Taco John's the corporate offices, not the locally run franchises, took Juan and Taco Chon's to court over the use of the name Taco Chon. According to Bring Me The News from 2022:

Taco Chon, a Mexican restaurant located in St. Cloud and Burnsville, is fighting pushback from Taco John's after a lawsuit was filed against the Minnesota establishment over naming rights. Taco John's is asking a court to stop Taco Chon from using the name for any Mexican-themed restaurant. It also wants all the profits Taco Chon has made while using the name; and is also seeking damages, and legal and court costs.

Juan took to social media after the news of the Taco Tuesday suit was dismissed when Taco Johns agreed to allow others to market using the phrase Taco Tuesday.

Double Moral ? Or just scared of Taco Bell ? Proof that you're lovers, not a fighters ! Thank you, everyone, for your support.

Earlier in the day Juan shared a post from Taco John's corporate where they announced that Taco John's conceded and said they are "lovers, not fighters."

"We've always prided ourselves on being the home of Taco Tuesday, but paying millions of dollars to lawyers to defend our mark just doesn't feel like the right thing to do," Taco John's CEO Jim Creel said

Juan is seeking that the current lawsuit filed by Taco John's corporate be dropped and he used the CEO's words against him in the video when he asked them to show they are 'lovers' and to allow him to realize his dream of owning and operating Mexican restaurants.

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