We have an interesting opportunity for this area. Both a meteor shower and the first Supermoon of the season will appear in our Minnesota skies.

According to Space.com, those of us living in the northern U.S. are in for a treat. We will get to see the Lyrid Meteor Shower, which comes annually between April 16 to the 30th. If the weather is right, it hasn't been very good lately with clouds in the air.

According to Space.com here is what a Lyrid is little pieces of the Comet Thatcher. The Comet Thatcher only appears every 415 years, but the Lyrid (the pieces) appear every year. It's really only debris, but it illuminates the sky every year about this time.

How to watch it? Space.com reports that NASA says the best time to watch is either just after 10:30 pm or wait till the moon isn't so bright.  You will have to let your eyes adjust and try and watch from somewhere that doesn't have a lot of street lights or other artificial light. It will be a bunch of bursts of short showers. The peak is the 21st and 22nd.

Space.com also says you will be able to see the season's first Super Moon, called the waxing gibbous moon, so NASA says the very bright moon may interfere with observations. The brightest the moon will be is April 26, because the moon will be at full status then.

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