I've been following You Betcha! for about a year and a half now. Myles the You Betcha Guy , Ryan the T-Shirt Guy, and the rest of the Bunker Bunch are geniuses when it comes to creating videos that perfectly sum up what it is like to live in the Midwest.

In the most recent video, they mock ABC's The Bachelor and turn it into a version of what it could be if it happened in our area. Instead of roses Busch Lights (Busch Lattes) are given out, instead of hometown dates they are hometown bar dates, and dates on the show include ice fishing and going to see the actual wood chipper from Fargo.

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They even make fun of the dramatic twists that the actual show has by having one contestant be not from the Midwest ~*gasp*~. And when a contestant is sent home, they are allowed to say their 'long goodbye'. Nailed it.

Check it out for yourself below. It's just perfect in every way.

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