So by now, I hope you have heard about how on this season of The Bachelor on ABC there is a Becker graduate named Daisy Kent, who is very much still in the running at winning the show and Joey Graziadei's heart. But there was another contestant on the show with Minnesota ties, and she was sent home this week. Edwina Dorbor calls Maple Grove her hometown!

According to Edwina's Bachelor profile on

Edwina is a woman of the world. She was born in Liberia and moved to the United States with her family when she was 11. Edwina taught herself to crochet when she was a child living in West Africa, and now she runs her own crocheting business with clients across the globe.

It's also where I spotted that she called Maple Grove her hometown, very cool!

Image Credit: Screengrab via Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Screengrab via Paul Shea/TSM

Unfortunately, Edwina was not given a rose this week on the show so her time has come to an end on the show.


"During the fourth rose ceremony, Joey Graziadei awarded his last rose to Lea Cayanan, leading to the elimination of Edwina and Allison Hollinger. Edwina, heartbroken by the elimination, claimed a strong connection with Joey and expressed sadness as she saw him as a potential husband. In a confessional, Edwina shared, "I'm proud that I'm leaving knowing that I gave it 100%.""

It sounds like Edwina was just as surprised as I was when I watched both episodes last night on demand. It seemed at least to me that there was some type of connection between the two when they had time together. Joey must not have felt what I saw, but that's alright as there is another Minnesota woman still contending for Joey's heart.

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Edwina has a YouTube channel, that she might be starting back up now that the show is over for her, you can see she was posting videos about a year ago.

You can keep up with the remaining Minnesotan Daisy Kent on Mondays at 7pm on ABC.

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