There's a viral Facebook post circulating the internet shared by David Hunstad. We're still not sure if Hunstad is the original author (might be originally written by a man named Steve Neuman), but he's had hundreds of likes, comments and shares since being posted on his page on February 16.

The post starts out by welcoming those who aren't native to Minnesota and does its best to capture what it's like to be from the land of 10,000 lakes.

"Please enjoy US Bank Stadium. We built it on top of our old stadium. It would deflate when it snowed. It snowed a lot."

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The post continued, "Hotdish, not casserole. Casserole can go jump in a dang lake."

And, my personal favorite, "The “Fargo” accent. unless you get outside of the metro area, you won’t hear it. Once you get to the suburbs, you’ll hear traces. Once you get outstate, it’s like being in the movie. If you find that accent, you’ll find a meat raffle. It’s exactly what it sounds like."

Online commenters can't seem to get enough of this post. Robin Doheny replied, "Nailed it".

Marsha Anderson said, "I'm not gonna lie. This almost makes me want to move back! MN love!"

Lyle Sletten said, "GOOD STUFF".

Check out the post and let us know if there's anything this post missed about the great state of Minnesota!

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