Everyone knows that rides are the major draw to Valleyfair in Shakopee. I mean, who doesn't make plans to have a summer road trip down to Valleyfair at least once or twice a summer, with a car full of excited kids that just can't wait to be scared out of their wits on roller coasters, and spin their way to happiness with all the rides throughout the park.

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Then there are those of us that go for the pure joy of watching our youngsters have fun.

Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

Well, this weekend, everything is going to change, and I'm pretty excited about the fun that's coming.

The biggest event in history for Valleyfair, will begin this week on July 24th, and be held on select dates through August 8th.

Valleyfair is bringing us Grande Carnivale, an event that will begin at 3 pm in the afternoon and celebrate foods, dance, and culture from all over the world. There are going to be approximately 100 street performers,a parade featuring 6 different floats, as well as singers, acrobats, dancers, and musicians on the Superior Stage.  The King and Queen and their royal court will take you through an exciting performance during each of these special afternoons through the summer.

20 different foods will be featured during the event as well, from places all over the world like china, Spain, Germany, Italy and India. There will also be cocktails and other beverages created for this special event, and lots of fun crafts for your kids; or for you...you big kid.

What's extra special? The Grand Carnivale tickets are included with your general admission ticket. Get your tickets by going to valleyfair.com.

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