Most of my friends do NOT have "Smart Fridges." A smart fridge can tell you if it lost power; the "dumb" fridges can't. If you were in the house when a big storm hit, you'd know whether or not the power went out long enough for food inside your fridge and freezer to spoil.


But if you were somewhere else when it hit - or had to evacuate - you probably won't know how long the power went out. Do you chance it by eating the food anyway? Do you play it safe but throw out $$$-worth of potentially-safe food?

Try this cheap & easy (!!!) trick to ensure you're not chancing it.

All it takes is a cup, some water, and a quarter. Here's what you do:

#1: Put a cup of water in the freezer
#2: Let it freeze
#4: Take the cup out after the water freezes
#5: Don't forget #3 like I did
#6: Put a quarter on top of the frozen water
#7: Put it back in the freezer

And that's it!

-If the fridge loses power, but the quarter is still on top of the frozen water when the power returns, your food is safe.

-If the quarter is in the middle of the cup, your food is likely safe, but make sure to check it before eating.

-If the quarter is at the bottom of the cup, throw it all out.

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