Just in time for Summer Solstice: it's (been) sweaty season! Our once-glorious hats are getting soaked in sweat, which leaves those lovely salt lines all over our headwear. Just throwing them away and buying a new one isn't the most financially-sound way to do things; especially if there's sentimental value with that hat.

So CLEAN IT instead of trashing it! My new hero at Clean That Up on YouTube shows us how.

How to Clean Your Hats

You can skip to the video if you want demonstrations. If you're not in a watching-video-friendly environment, then read on.

Step One: Cut a Hole in That Box Pre-treat it With White Vinegar

  • put some white vinegar in a spray bottle and HOSE THAT HAT DOWN. Get it good and soaked.
  • white vinegar helps dissolve all of the salt that's embedded in your hat

Step Two: Grab Your Roommate's Toothbrush and Gently Scrub-a-dub

  • a vegetable brush works, too, just make sure it has soft bristles
  • gently scrub away, but not too hard: scrubbing too hard will fray the material

Step Three: Warsh It Good

  • too much heat can warp the brim, which is the risk you run with using a washing machine or dishwasher
  • fill a container with about 2 gallons of water and add a tablespoon of laundry detergent/dish soap (use detergent without citric acid)
  • submerge the hat(s); be sure that they stay submerged

Step Four: Soaking Isn't Just For Mormons

  • let them sit for 20-30 minutes

Step Five: Re-Scrub

  • take your brush, dip it in some laundry detergent/dish soap and do some detail scrubbing (don't forget the sweat band!)

Step Six: Rinse Thoroughly

  • this works best if you have a sprayer attachment in your sink, otherwise use the shower

Step Seven: Dry Like Mrs. Shapiro

  • set the hat(s) on an upside-down bowl (or a dishwasher hat cage) to help keep its shape. Be sure the bowl/hat cage is lined with a moisture-wicking cloth.
  • set another moisture-wicking cloth on top of the hat
  • let them sit for an hour or two

Step Eight: Lint Removal

  • when the hat is dry, use a lint roller to remove any remaining lint

Step Nine: A Like-New Hat!

  • if it's been a while (or never) since you've cleaned the hat, bleaching from your sweat may have occurred. That can't be reversed, but your hat should look a LOT better now!
Clean That Up via YouTube/Canva
Clean That Up via YouTube/Canva
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H/T: Clean That Up


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