Before I get into this incredible story, I first want to say thank you to the good samaritan who made the important phone call to help save the life of this precious pup. I can't imagine how alone, hopeless, afraid, and sad this poor baby must have felt.

Ruff Start Rescue out of Princeton, Minnesota is a non-profit animal rescue that is dedicated to saving 'at risk' companion animals and providing animal lovers with essential resources.


According to the article, a person who happened to be walking through a rural area saw a pile of leaves and noticed that there was a dog underneath. He was in terrible shape. Skeletal and partially blind was how his condition was described.  His collar was uncomfortably tight around his neck, which may have indicated that this dog was abandoned on purpose.

Just in the nick of time, The 7-year-old dog was scooped up by animal control specialists who posted his picture online and a Ruff Start Rescue volunteer came forward to help. Ruff Start agreed to pay his medical costs, and the dog, lovingly named Brutus, was on his way to his new foster care family.

Ruff Start Rescue/YouTube


His healing was a long journey, and his foster family made sure that he knew he was loved, providing him with loving care every single day; kiss after kiss after kiss, a heating pad to keep him warm, and the affection he needed to know that he wouldn't ever be left alone again.

In March of this year, Brutus finally found his forever home with his new Dad.


If you would like to learn more about Ruff Start Rescue and the fantastic work they do, or if you would like to make a donation so they can continue to help at-risk animals, please click HERE now. I am constantly in debt to the countless cats and dogs that have helped me through life and try to do what I can to help those who cannot speak for themselves. So often, it's the cruelty of the human race that some of us need to make up for. I hope you will consider that when making your charitable contributions.

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