Checking off bucket list items gets more important as you get older. If the list includes a band, it gets more important as they get older.

U2 - with all the deserved roasting Bono gets - is a great band. They're touring in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree. U2 is legendary for putting on elaborate live shows. This one was no different!

The stage was relatively sparse - save for the second stage in front of the main stage. A gigantic backdrop framed the stage...but it wasn't just any backdrop. It was a dang BIG SCREEN JUMBOTRON THING.

It was neat. The production blended live performance with videos and pictures. It was a really nice touch, especially for those not right up front.

The concert itself was amazing. The entire experience was miserable.

The gate you were allowed into depended on which section your tickets are for (ours was general admission floor tickets). Each section was fenced off to prevent people from just using the gate with the fewest people. We had to walk halfway around U.S. Bank Stadium to get to the end of the line for our gate, then walk halfway back to get to security, and then halfway around again to get to the gate itself. That was enough walking already, just to get into the stadium.

Finding a place to get to the floor from the main concourse was way too difficult. Turns out one aisle was being blocked by people standing around a high table that was right next to the aisle. Heckuva place to put a table! My legs were sore and my lower back was numb before the concert even started.

As for just getting seats next time: the seats are not angled towards one end of the stadium, they're straight ahead. My neck just kinked up thinking about watching a concert to my left while my body is facing the sound booth.

Two hours after the show was over, we finally left the parking garage. It took an hour just to get back to it, then an hour huffing exhaust in it waiting for cars to go. I realize that big concerts like this will attract more traffic than usual, but the staff throughout the experience was anything but helpful. When I asked a staffer where our target gate was, she responded with word salad.

So good luck to anyone going to the Vikings game tonight and/or going to a concert at U.S. Bank Stadium! Think I'll pass on any other concert booked there. Why couldn't this show be booked at TCF Bank Stadium?

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