As the government shutdown continues, it keeps getting harder for families and individuals to support themselves with no income. 800,000 workers across America are missing out on paychecks, and some are even having to work for no pay. TSA workers at MSP airport are doing what they can to help each other out.

TSA Minnesota’s federal security director Cliff Van Leuven took CBS behind Checkpoint 2 at terminal 2 to show them how the workers were helping each other out.

This is our little re-purposed food pantry. This is all supplied by TSA employees who have brought it in to help those who are facing challenges during this shutdown.

The employees have been stocking a storage cabinet with personal hygiene items, non perishable food, as well as everything from vegetables,toilet paper, and even cat food to help feed family pets.


CBS reported that MSP had some of the longest security wait times in the country due to being down on staff. A lot of workers are coming in and not getting paid, just because they know security is important and what they do is necessary.

If you want to contribute to their makeshift food bank, they are advising not to bring food items because they will need to be screened. TSA workers can’t accept cash, but can accept gift cards for goods like gas and grocery cards up to $20. All items donated will be logged and dispersed to those in need equally.

Another way to help is to donate to your local food shelf, to help those right in your community affected by the shut down.

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