Google knoweth all...eth. They're creeping on searches for Halloween costumes, and even compiled a list of the top searches. The top search is the game that our kids just can't get enough of. Comment below with your favorite Minnesota-themed Halloween costume!

#1: Fortnite

One of these guys is in costume... (Getty Images)

I don't even know what this means. Does that make me old? NO. My age makes me old. I'm just not sure about...this.

#2: Spider-Man

Customize it as "SpiderMarathonMan" (Getty Images)

You can't ever go wrong with a Spider-Man costume. That's a lie. Yes, you can.

#3: Unicorn

Nailed it. (Getty Images)

This can go sideways REALLY quick...

#4: Dinosaur

"Hey...trick or treat, feller..." (Getty Images for Liberty Science)

#5: Witch

"WAZZUUUUP?!" (Getty Images)

Another old standby that you can customize to your cold, dead heart's content.

#6: Harley Quinn

Getty Images for New York Comic

#7: Superhero

Chose a Marvel hero and Stan Lee might make a cameo at your Halloween party! (Getty Images)

#8: Pirate

...uhhh... (Getty Images)

#9: Rabbit

Bonus points (candy?) if you can look MISERABLE (Getty Images)

#10: Princess

Maybe they should've been more specific... (Getty Images)

H/T: Google FrightGeist

Comment below with your favorite Minnesota-themed Halloween costume!

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