Yes....It's that time again. Once every four years we have to remember to renew our license. Once every four years, you forget that today is the day you should have worn extra makeup, a flattering shirt, and styled your hair extra special. Today is the day you take that picture that will define...I look better than I did when I was 50...or.. Who the hell is that on my license?  This is my very first....OVER 50 License.


  • Can I please take two photos?
  • Can you take that picture up high?
  • Can you add touch ups later?
  • Is there a reason you like us to look totally caught off guard?
  • Does that REALLY look like me?
  • Can you add a little more lighting?


What really should matter is that I made it another four years. My hair color and style will probably  be much different this time around. My address has changed. My kids have gone from young teens who were shorter than me, to young men who are towering over me. My license is a reminder of what I've achieved in the last four years.


Although I won't be sharing my new photo with you, I was thinking that it might be helpful to remind you of what you need to bring when renewing your existing, and current Minnesota license.  If it's not current....or Minnesota...You've got some work to do. For everyone else:


  • If your license is current, and a Minnesota license, you'll need to bring your current license
  • Complete the renewal form, available once you arrive at the DVA Office
  • Take a vision screening test
  • Take a picture
  • Provide your social security number.
  • Remember that there is a fee to renew your license, so make sure that you have the amount you need, and you'll probably be paying right around $25-26 to renew.  You'll also need to pay with a check, cash, or money order. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because their computer system is from the 1980s.


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