This was a question that popped up recently in a bride group I am part of on Facebook. I myself am engaged and planning a wedding, and a coworker of mine added me to a couple of Facebook groups that have been helpful as she went through the process.

Recently a bride from out of state posted the question:

Does Minnesota require a blood test before obtaining a marriage license?

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I scratched my head when I saw this. I had never heard of such a thing before. Turns out that states used to run blood tests on the two parties getting married to look for things like venereal diseases (most commonly syphilis), for genetic disorders (such as sickle-cell anemia), or for rubella. This testing ended in most states between 1980 and 2008, each state repealing it at their own discretion. The two areas where blood tests are still required: District of Columbia, and Montana but for females only.

To be married in Minnesota these are the requirements:

  • 18 years old, without parental consent; 16 years old, with parental consent.
  • Both parties applying for the marriage license must be present to complete the application.
  • Identification such as a driver’s license or state I.D.
  • Fee (The marriage license fee is $40.00 with Premarital Education completed. $115.00 without Premarital Education under the MN Marriage License laws Requirements) must be paid at the time you apply for the license.

But no blood test is required. So there you go anonymous person in the bride Facebook group, you have your answer.

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