With the brutal cold settling in, it can be difficult to get vehicles started. Here are four tips to keep in mind to help your vehicle start up in the extreme cold.


  • (Patrick Byrne, Flickr)
    (Patrick Byrne, Flickr)

    Park Indoors


    Leaving your car in a garage or sheltered area will keep it out of the wind. If you have the option-heating the garage, or plugging in a block heater will keep your vehicle in even better shape

  • (Traci Gardner, Flickr)
    (Traci Gardner, Flickr)

    Keep Your Gas Tank at Least Half-Full


    Brutal cold and constantly changing temperatures can cause condensation to form on the sides of an almost empty gas tank. This leads to water that can drip down and freeze your gas lines.

  • (Joshua Ludwig, Flickr)
    (Joshua Ludwig, Flickr)

    Turn Off All Accessories


    Be sure that your radio, windshield wipers, headlights and anything else is turned off before you attempt to start your vehicle. Doing so will give you maximum starting power.

  • (Andy Armstrong, Flickr)
    (Andy Armstrong, Flickr)

    If Vehicle Fails to Start - Let the Battery Recover


    If your vehicle doesn't start after 10 to 15 seconds, stop and wait a few minutes before you try again. Doing so gives your car battery a chance to recover and motor to cool off.

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