I have to admit, I was both excited and a little bit worried about how I was going to handle the Winter Classic that took place at Target Field on Saturday evening, January 1st of 2022, but I went in prepared, and am so glad I had the opportunity to be there.

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The game announcers stated that it was 5 below and acknowledged all the fans for coming out in the cold. There were people getting coke in glasses with ice, that couldn't drink them once they took them outside, as they just turned into solid ice.

There was ONE guy without a shirt on, showing his dedication to The Wild by sharing his stomach while enjoying a beer. I hope he didn't get frostbite!

I was truly impressed with the way Target Field was prepared to keep everyone safe and warm. There were staffers handing out hand warmers during the enter game, even throughout the last few minutes until the bitter end.  They had the game playing inside on televisions when people wanted to come in for a break from the cold, for food, beverages and to warm themselves by the enclosed fireplaces throughout the facility.

There was one point where my glasses started to fog up, and I knocked them off my face trying to take them off and clean them. I just happened to knock them down between some seats, so I had to take my gloves off to get them, and it didn't take long for my fingers to freeze; but after that, Darin put hand warmers in my boots and my gloves, and I was totally fine the rest of the game. Of course, I wore super warm snow pants that are made for ice fishing, as well as three shirts, a jacket, a headband, neckwarmer, a hat, and a blanket.

Although we lost the game, it was still pretty close by the end. Some of the best moments though happened after the first period. See the pictures below and the rest of the story.

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