Most of us have jobs where we wake up, get ready, drive to work, and mostly; keep our feet on the ground. Since I'm afraid of heights, I quite often look out at the radio tower in our back parking lot and wonder how anyone ever climbs that tower. I get dizzy just trying to look to the top of it.

A friend of mine in Princeton shared with me a video that she took from her work office, and I was amazed. Maybe you've seen this before, but I've never actually seen anyone doing the work that was filmed in her video.

Photo by Darcy Luedke Wilke
Photo by Darcy Luedke Wilke


Darcy Luedke Wilke, took footage one day of the exciting show she was watching over the past few weeks. This is what she told me about the experience:

"The helicopter pilot would pick up a lineman from a parking lot adjacent to the Henningson & Snoxell law office, who would dangle from a ladder hanging down from the helicopter.

He would be lifted to the tower and dropped off. The helicopter would then pick up a second lineman and do the same. The helicopter would also pick up parts/ equipment and drop them off to the people on the tower.

Once they were done at one tower, they would be picked up and flown to the next tower. This happened multiple times a day. Several days were really windy, and the helicopter pilot didn't skip a beat on getting the lineman to the tower. It was quite impressive."

Darcy also said, "They started early last week and continued until Tuesday of this week. I'm not sure if they have moved further down where we can't see or hear them, or if they are done."

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Can you imagine having a job, day in and day out, where you are being flown by helicopter, hanging from a rope, to be dropped off at your job location? Hats off to these brave people, whoever they are. I hope you're making millions of dollars! Watch the video below!


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