No, I didn't need to take a quiz to figure out which I loved more, chocolate or cheese, but it's still fun!

Buzzfeed put together a quiz that asks you a series of questions about cheese and chocolate.  While I knew that chocolate was going to come out on top here, there were some tough questions that really made me think about my chocolate devotion.

I'm not a grilled cheese sandwich person but I will take a bowl of chocolate ice cream for sure!  However, on the flip side, I prefer nachos to Nutella.  The toughest call for me to make during this quiz was choosing between Oreos and Cheez-Its.  Seriously, how about an option to choose both??

Anyway, my final results indicate I'm a chocolate girl all the way!  Which is good, because I could use some candy right now!

Take the quiz here and post your results below!