I'll be frank, the fact I am about to share is incredible, but I'm not sure it's one of those facts that you'd always want to share. Minnesota supplies the entire nation with Velveeta cheese. The 'Liquid Gold' is made in New Ulm, and that is the only facility in the US making that product.

I initially saw this fact from the social media page, Best of Minnesota, and after seeing the somewhat alarming fact, I had to google it to see if there was any kernel of truth. I found my answer in a place I wasn't sure about...Reddit.


byu/star-tribune from discussion

A Reddit User named Star Tribune commented:

A plant in New Ulm employs 400 people and makes all of Kraft Heinz's signature gooey cheese product as well as the sliced cheese found in Lunchables, according to the New Ulm Area Chamber of Commerce. Other products include Kraft's Deli Deluxe cheese slices and Cheez Whiz for foodservice customers.

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Kraft Heinz had shifted retail Velveeta production out of New Ulm a decade ago but brought it back with a $100 million investment in 2017. The plant first opened in 1955 and was, at one point, the largest processed cheese facility in North America.

Kraft Heinz just got a federal grant for environmental upgrades that will allow the New Ulm plant to reduce annual emissions by more than 99%, the company said.

In 2022, Kraft Heinz sold its Albany, Minn., powdered cheese plant to Kerry Group.

To me, it's incredible that we, meaning Minnesota, can supply the nation with not only all the Spam that the world needs but also supply the US with enough Velveeta to keep people satisfied.

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