My in-laws were over today and told us about the most hilarious commercial they just saw - for the 'Million Dollar Smile' fake teeth. You've got to be kidding me. It can't be real!

They said they've seen it a couple times on TV and laugh hysterically when they see it. So we looked it up on YouTube and we all busted a gut laughing. I may have pee'd my pants a little, especially after seeing the video that followed...(see below)

Honestly, who is the world would buy these, let alone go out on a date wearing them??? You talk like a poop salesman with a mouth full of samples. Your lips bulge out and you look like a horse. Drool goes everywhere, and it makes your gums look like they're infected! On top of that, they don't even stay on right.

We went out to Crossroads Mall and Walmart in St. Cloud looking for this thing, but couldn't find it. Sadly, I'm going to buy one as a gag gift. I'll be sure and post a video once I find them.

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