The Minnesota State Fair is a great place to get honest answers to tough questions from Minnesotans of all walks of life and all ages. KARE-11's Jana Shortal was recently at the Minnesota State Fair asking people what truly made them happy when she got an unexpectedly honest answer from an older visitor. To say the answer knocked Jana back was an understatement as she fell over laughing at the honesty.

Jana: "What makes you happy? What brings you joy?"

Woman: *pulls Jana close* "SEX!"

You see the microphone Jana is holding disappear and then the camera pans over to her doubled over on the ground laughing at the honest and unexpected answer she was just given.

Personally, I think it's great that this woman was able to say what gives her joy and makes her happy, when you first see her you might think she is going to really give a heartfelt answer, maybe it's seeing her grandkids, going to a baseball game, maybe attending the Minnesota State Fair? Nope, just sex.

I hope you've got a smile now, and if you need another reason to smile, know that Monday is Labor Day and many of us are celebrating a long weekend to close out summer.

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